About Me

I'm a software engineer with experience using Ruby, JavaScript, and Go. I also have experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, Kafka, Docker, and the AWS cloud environment. I recently built Fjord!

A brief non-technical introduction: I enjoy hiking, biking, walking, skiing—pretty much anything that involves moving around. I'm also passionate about travel, urban planning, and walkability. I cannot wait to marry my fiancee in May!

See Fjord

The Fjord Framework

Fjord is an open-source framework that provides a real-time API Proxy for Kafka. Fjord exposes Kafka data streams to web-facing clients. Through Fjord’s CLI, developers can deploy a scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services to handle real-time streaming.

Diagram of Fjord components

Above, you can see an example of how Fjord could be used with a hypothetical food delivery service called SuperEats. The Fjord Consumer consists of one or more Kafka consumer groups that poll specified SuperEats' Kafka topics. An Elasticache for Redis cluster publishes consumed records to the Fjord server, which finally pushes records to clients over an SSE connection. Fjord removes the burden of maintaining persistent connections from the business's servers and abstracts away the complexity of sharing Kafka data with web clients.

Fjord features

Other Work

  • ruby_blogger


    ruby_blogger is a developer tool designed for beginner developers that can be used to track exceptions over time for ruby projects (Ruby, logging, developer tool)

  • askbox


    AskBox is a simple RequestBin clone for receiving and debugging webhooks (Webhooks, Node JS, Redis, Ngrok)

  • trelloClone


    An Agile workflow board inspired by Trello (Express, React/Redux, MongoDB)